After the Meeting

After meeting with lawmakers, consider alternative means to foster and build on the relationships you’ve started. For instance, you can host your member of Congress at your facility to show them first-hand how your work benefits the community. Below you will find a simple checklist of things to consider after your meeting with an elected official:

• Report your visit to NACWA’s Government Affairs team —this can help us do our work more effectively.

• Provide the Member’s office with any follow-up materials that you promised to provide.

• Share experience on social media.

• If you met with a Member of Congress, send a handwritten thank you. To thank and send follow-up to staff, use email.

• Schedule a follow-up meeting, facility tour, or site visit.

• Keep updated on the official’s actions and keep them in the loop if there are any significant changes to your policy issue.

• Follow up with the staff 2-3 weeks after the meeting to assess what actions are being taken by the Member of Congress regarding the topics you covered or share any new information or resources. Continue to engage with staff even when you don’t have a specific ask for them. Fostering this relationship is important so that you don’t only contact the office when you need them to act on an issue.