Follow Up After the Tour

By conducting a facility tour, you are establishing a cooperative relationship with a legislator and her/his staff. To maintain this relationship, it is crucial to continue checking in to ensure they remember your utility.

Thank the Participants

Make sure to promptly send thank you email or note to your guests and remind them of the key points you discussed during the tour. In addition, be sure to thank your staff for their participation over the course of the facility tour. Attached to this thank you note, you may include any pictures or promotional material you produced.

Once you have sent the thank you note, keep up with the legislator’s recent work and try to stay engaged and serve as a resource on clean water issues. Be sure not to overwhelm the legislator with constant information or advice on policy, but weigh in when appropriate on a particular legislative or policy issue.

Follow up with NACWA

To help NACWA with our national initiatives, please inform our staff about the tour. Send us photos, news recaps, or press clippings we can include in the weekly Clean Water Current. This information is important to us because it helps us advocate effectively on Capitol Hill on NACWA member’s behalf.